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Fall is here, and what better time to beautify your house for this beautiful season? We’re going to share 7 reasons why investing in green cleaning (whether with a company or to do on your own) is the best way to go.


Commonly, when people go to their local Home Depot, Canadian Tire etc., they tend to choose the latest and greatest well known cleaning products that they are used to seeing in commercials and what not. But have you ever stopped to think about what is really in those products, and the affect it may be having on you and your kids? Well, hopefully this article is helpful in making a more informed choice the next time you find yourself picking up that bottle of Lysol.


1. It Really Makes Your Home Healthier
Choosing green cleaning products means that you will not have the harmful chemicals and toxins throughout your home that are found in regular household cleaning products. You will no longer be breathing these chemicals in and absorbing them through your skin, and the same goes for your children as well. One of the most common illnesses is asthma, and using regular cleaning products as little as one time a week can play a big role in causing it.


2. A Better, Cleaner Environment
As you can probably guess from the previous point, if harmful chemicals are being released into your house and affecting your family, you can bet that they are being released into the environment as well. A lot of green cleaning products have recyclable packaging, and the solutions themselves reduce pollution to our rivers and the air. If everyone did their part in going green; it would change the impact regular household products have on the ozone and also help with global climate change.


3. Green Cleaning Products are Safer
Because green cleaners don’t contain harmful chemicals; they will not do harm if they get in your eyes, on your skin or from inhalation like other cleaners. Green cleaners meet specific requirements to be deemed safe for the environment and for household use.


4. The Quality of Air Will Be Better in Your Home
We’ve talked about regular cleaners not being nice to breath in because of chemicals, but have you ever cleaned your house with them and just found that they emit far too strong of a scent? A lot of brand name eco friendly products or even ones you make right from home contain essential oils that are safe to breath in and let off a soothing aroma.


5. You’ll Save Money
Going green can be extremely cheap; especially when you make your own products. Buying things like essential oils, vinegar and lemon juice can cost next to nothing, and are easy to make. See more on how to make some of your own products here.

6. There are Less Antibacterials
Any products that are “antibacterial” are actually no better to use than regular ones. The American Medical Association has said that using products that contain antibacterials actually promote a resistance to antibiotics in humans. Eco friendly products do not contain antibacterials.


7. You’ll Have A Better Understanding of What is in Them
Brand name companies that you are used to seeing in stores are not required to list any of the ingredients that are used in their products. So, by making your own simple to use products with simple, affordable and safe ingredients; you know exactly what is in them and that they are safe to use anywhere you please!