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Eco-Friendly House Cleaning in Guelph, Kitchener and Cambridge

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Outstanding Cleaning That’s Safe for Children & Pets

We take immense pride in offering the best and safest house cleaning services in Guelph, Kitchener and Cambridge as well as office cleaning services across Ontario!

We have been green cleaning homes and commercial facilities for over 12 years and have completed tens of thousands of cleaning sessions.

Our mission is to provide outstanding home cleaning services and office cleaning that you won’t find with anyone else.

How are we doing that?

By being the only company that has accurate app-tracked cleaning times, highly experienced cleaners that are bonded and insured and by using the latest in eco-friendly solutions.

We want to play a big role in having more homes and offices going green than ever before! It’s a proven fact that doing so provides a safer environment for your family or employees.

We know that it is important to keep your biggest investment clean whether it be your home or business. That’s why we strive to make sure our maid services leave you 100% satisfied.

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We use eco friendly products that will have your family breathing easier than ever.


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How will Green Cleaning Help you?


These days, our environment is as big of a concern as ever and the toxic chemicals we’re used to seeing in everyday cleaners play a big role in how we negatively treat it. Not only are they bad for the earth, but they also effect the safety of our homes as well.

Investing in eco-friendly cleaning services can have more of an impact than you think.

Here are the benefits when you regularly use green cleaning products in your home:


Protecting your home and your health

Conventional cleaners are often filled with chemicals such as carcinogens, neurotoxins, mutagens and many others that can cause health issues for our children and pets.

Eco-friendly products, including the ones used at Ecomaid, do not contain these harmful chemicals and using them can reduce or even completely get rid of respiratory problems, headaches and rashes.


Improved air quality

Studies have shown that the air inside homes where conventional products are used is 2 – 5 times more polluted than the air outside them.

Using green products will improve the air in your home because they don’t contain synthetic fragrances and are full of natural ingredients.


Protecting the environment

The ingredients in good environmentally friendly cleaners are naturally derived and biodegradable.  This means that they won’t negatively affect the earth’s eco-systems when broken down.

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I love the idea of a package of hours. I must really compliment you on how you guys do things, I have had a few other quotes and no other cleaning service compares to how thoroughly you outline your services or your website, and your prices are great.

CM, Cambridge

I have been using Ecomaid for cleaning since 2007. They have always done an outstanding job, be it general cleaning, specialized cleaning or other tasks that they have completed for us. The staff are professional and courteous and they have always come through for us, even on short notice. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking a cleaning service.

RC, Guelph

Find out how great it is to come home to a clean house!!! With my busy work schedule, I don’t always have time to really clean so it is a joy to come home after the crew has done their job. When I had a couple of issues with the cleaning, Ecomaid was very quick to solve the problems for me. Also, we recently had a promotion offer given to us which has blessed us by lowering our costs further. Thank you Ecomaid!

SB, Cambridge

We have been using Ecomaid to clean our home since October of 2007. The work they do has been consistently great! The staff are polite, courteous, and friendly. They are very acomodating and I would highly recommend them! With a young child and pets I am especially pleased that they use earth friendly products.

AG, Cambridge