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Having kids and pets around the house can be hectic, especially with all the spills and messes that come with it. So you need to clean these messes up, but how can you do that in a way that doesn’t involve chemicals that are harmful to you and your family? Well…Vinegar!

Vinegar is good for pretty much any stain you can think of, and it gives you the opportunity to make your own chemical free, environmentally friendly cleaning solution that can be used for just about anything. But for now we are going to talk about carpets.

When getting dirty stains from your pets or spills from your kids out of the carpet, it is important not to dump it on and wipe it up like you might think. There is some technique to it, and all you’re going to need is a spray bottle filled with half vinegar and half water, and a few cleaning rags.

1. It is always better to get to the stain as quickly as possible than to let it sit. The longer it sits, the harder it will be to get out.

2. Before anything, put a cleaning rag or towel over the stain and firmly push down on the rag with your hands or even your foot to soak up as much of it as possible. Do not scrub it, just blot the stain with lots of pressure.

3. Keep doing that until most of it is up. You may use a few rags in the end depending on the size of the stain.

4. Apply the vinegar. Use the mist setting on the bottle and spray the entire area until it’s nice and soaked. Let it sit for 5 or 10 minutes.

5. After the 5 or 10 minutes, get a clean rag and soak it up by either blotting it with lots of pressure or giving it a good hard scrub.

Thats it! An easy, guaranteed way to clean up nasty spills without harming the people (and animals) you love. You can also mop floors with vinegar, and if you’re looking for a fresh scent try using a citrus scented cleaning vinegar. Happy cleaning!