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You may know that there are a lot of uses for lemon juice, especially in cooking. But there are many other ways lemon peels and their juices can be used in the home, rather than squeezing some lemon onto a salad or piece of fish and just throwing it away!

Here are 10 uses for lemon peels that you’ll definitely want to try:

Cleaning Solution:

Put a bit of salt in a bowl and dip half of a juiced lemon into it and you have yourself a nice citrus cleaning scrub solution. This is great for counters, sinks, pots and pans, etc. Test it on a small area when using it on surfaces you’re unsure about as salt may damage some surfaces.

Vinegar Cleaning With a Hint of Citrus:

Just use lemon peel in your vinegar solution to give yourself a nice smelling all purpose cleaner.

Hand Scrub:

Mix together lemon juice, lemon zest, sugar and olive oil to create a nice scrub for your hands!

Save it for Later:

If you have no use for it right away, you can always save your lemon zest by simply putting it in a freezer bag or container and storing them in the freezer. Just take it out when needed.

Freshen up Your Cutting Board:

Take a half of a juiced lemon and use it on your cutting board to deodorize it and kill bacteria.

Freshen up Your Garbage Disposer:

Simply throw some lemon peels down the disposer and let the water run. It will smell great afterwards and it is a 100% natural solution versus using harsh chemicals.

Deodorize Rooms in the House:

Take lemon peels, herbs and essential oils and put them in a pot of water to let off a nice smell inside your house without using harmful chemicals.

Cloved Lemons:

I’m sure you’ve heard of cloved oranges that are made at Christmas time. Use a lemon and it will dry rather than rot. Make sure to stick the cloves evenly around the lemon and place it wherever needed.

Candied Lemon Peels:

Provided you have the time to make them, candied lemons are always a nice treat!

Infused Olive Oil

Put lemon zest in olive oil and steep it for a few days and you’ll have a nice citrusy oil for salads or other types of cooking!