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We take pride in using only the highest standard of green cleaning products out today, so you get the best each and every time.

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At Ecomaid, we only use the latest and greatest in eco friendly products. They are great for the environment, but more importantly, great for your home and the people inside it. Over time, these eco friendly products improve the air you breath, remove bacteria on the surfaces that you and your family touch, and reduce health risks. We are one of the only companies around that have adopted these products, and because our products meet the Ecologo program requirements, you are assured of high standards of quality. We also have eco friendly products that have been formulated for people that are sensitive to strong scents. Beyond the cleaning solutions themselves, Ecomaid brings all other necessary equipment; including all solutions, cloths, polishes, mops, brooms, buckets, vacuum cleaner, dusters and scrub brushes. If you have specific products in your home that you would prefer us to use, we will!

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EcoLogo Program

The EcoLogo is the largest, most respected environmental standard and certification mark in North America. It is meant to assure people that the products and services that implement the logo meet the standards of environmental leadership; helping you find and trust the world’s most sustainable products. To obtain the logo, similar products are put through rigorous testing and only few are awarded the certification. As well, it is one of two programs in North America that has been successfully audited by the Global EcoLabelling Network (GEN) as meeting ISO 14024 standards for eco-labelling. All of our eco friendly products at Ecomaid bear the certified logo.


Eco-Max has a wide selection of all natural, 100% plant based eco friendly products. They have everything from glass and kitchen cleaners to bathroom and pesky odour cleaners. They have botanical ingredients that are fully biodegradable, renewable and sustainable to help support the environment. Their cleaners use therapeutic grade essential oils that provide aroma therapeutic benefits that will leave you with a clean-scented home like no other. They have also formulated hypoallergenic versions of their cleaners that do not incorporate scents and known sensitizers. As well, all Eco-Max cleaners are packaged in recyclable packaging to help reduce landfill waste.


Attitude eco friendly products are regularly used here at Ecomaid because it is a great product that also uses essential oils to give off a therapeutic aroma throughout your house, and is good for the environment. Many regular household cleaners contain harmful carcinogens that are known to be bad for our health and that cause respiratory problems. Attitude products do not contain these chemicals, thus, they have been deemed the EcoLogo, making it one of the best products for our environment and our families.